The TSSP is a service that offers immediate support and assistance to international tourists in distress in order to create a positive and caring atmosphere for tourists in their times of need.

The programme is run by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) through the use of regional representatives who are on call 24/7 to address incidents speedily. The aim of the TSSP is not to duplicate the existing emergency response procedures or interfere with professional services, but rather to assist with the facilitation of the required assistance in the most efficient manner possible.


  • The TSSP is in place to provide victims with the following support inter-alia;
  • Medical/ Emotional trauma, which involves the facilitation of medical treatment and visiting victims whilst in hospital;
  • Assistance with temporary accommodation;
  • Assistance with basic necessities (where possible, and required);
  • Assistance with contacting family members or friends;
  • Facilitation of Psychological Counselling;
  • Assistance with legal issues and processes with the assistance of the South African Police Service (SAPS), if required;
  • Assistance with short-term transport arrangements (airline, car hire, tour operators etc.);
  • Facilitation of Embassy involvement; and
  • Assistance in acquiring replacement documents (passports, travellers cheques, flight tickets)

The TSSP cannot:

  • Offer Financial Assistance
  • Replace lost items
  • Provide medical attention
  • Compensate for loss
  • Offer legal advice

Activation and notification

 Emergency contact: Southern Cape

Ilze Jacobs

Tel: 0829722507

Email: ilze.jacobs@westerncape