2016 Hessequa Calendar for Event Organisers


We’ve been receiving a number of enquiries pertaining to events being hosted in Hessequa. Whether it be from Wesgro, Eden District, DEDAT, etc., role-players are interested in what’s happening in Hessequa for them to plan accordingly. For example, yesterday Prasa asked us for a 2016 events calendar, in order to analyse (amongst other factors) when the best time would be to run a passenger train to Hessequa as an educational next year. They will now see that two major events are taking place on one weekend, thus if it’s volume they are looking for this would be a good period to consider. 

Due to the enquiries the following events calendar has been created for event organisers to update details pertaining to their events – in one central point – which can then be distributed again. 

Current organisers we have contact details for will receive a link to comment on the calendar and add/edit their events. If you did not, kindly contact us to request access.

Alternatively, you can view the calendar here.


The calendar is on Google Sheets.. The reason for this is that they’re awesome.

More specifically, they’re collaborative. You can comment on any part of the calendar and you may find yourself reading alongside other people elsewhere on the internet, in which case you’ll be able to see their cursors moving around and their names in the top-right corner of your screen. 

Google Sheets allows you to help improve the regional events calendar. If you find something that…

• You think is wrong or could be improved

• You want to hear more about

• You want clarification on

… then drop us a note (right click in a particular cell and select ‘INSERT COMMENT’) and we’ll get on it.

So you can see what other events are taking place and how you can align with them. Maybe you are doing a trail run and someone else a MTB event – there is an opportunity to collaborate there. 

Please note that this does not replace the event submission form on the regional tourism website should you wish to market your event direct to the public free of charge. Click here to list your event.

**Download the event risk assessment Event Risk Assesment and Action Plan Guide – Hessequa