Getting Around

Getting around in Hessequa is no hassle – once here, you’ll soon get into the pace of country life, or as South Africans call it, the platteland. Once you’ve arrived take your time, it’s important not to rush. For one, you’ll experience many agricultural treasures if you wander off the national road. Stop and ask where the cows are going or when they shear the sheep. Maybe the kids want to ride on the tractor.

There are lots of discoveries to be made with Hessequa – The Explorer’s Garden Route. 

How To Get Here

By Air

Save for 2 landing strips, there is no commercial airport in Hessequa. Cape Town International Airport is 290 km to the west of the district, with George Airport being the closest to the east (100 km). Port Elizabeth International Airport is 435 km further along the Garden Route.

By Bus

Intercape and Greyhound are the main intercity bus services and their routes frequent in the region daily. A safe, scheduled, and affordable way to travel to Hessequa.

Tour Operators

The easy way to travel, with a wide selection of travel packages from many tour operators. To book, please contact your travel agent or the operator directly.

By Car

A popular option is renting a car at either Cape Town International Airport or George Airport, as an excellent road network provides easy access along the N2 and you get to explore at your own pace. Scroll to the bottom of the page for car rental companies.

Driving in Hessequa

Hessequa has an excellent infrastructure of good quality roads connecting the main towns with one another and a world class highway running through the region. On average it’s between 30 to 45 minutes drive from one town to the next, as well as from the N2 south to the coast. Make sure that you allow yourself ample time to reach destinations and when exploring the backroads!

Explore by Cycling

Cycling is a great way to explore the treasures of Hessequa along the back roads. Excellent dirt roads connect the towns on the mountain side and along the coast with one another and make for a great alternative to discover the region. All your senses will be engaged as you pedal and you’ll be so much closer to the earth and all the new experiences. You’ll see birds and animals up close that you’d normally miss in the car, and be part of the rolling landscape. Did we mentioned the good exercise too?!