The Hessequa Tourism Strategy 2017 – 2022 is for review, with the aim of alignment with new sector recovery and strategic plans and improving the local tourism sector, taking into consideration the current sector status and desired future growth, impact, development, challenges and needs.

Tourism is a broad field, and comments from all formal and informal sectors and support services are welcomed.

This call for comment is open to all Hessequa community members from Monday, 03 July 2023 until Friday, 04 August 2023.  

All comments are to be forwarded via email to riaan@hessequa.gov.za or alternatively, all written comments can be placed in an envelope and be addressed to Riaan Malan at Hessequa Tourism, and submitted to your nearest Hessequa Municipal Office.

All stakeholders are welcome to direct any queries to Riaan Malan via email or telephonically, 028 713 7953. Should you want to visit the office, the address is: Hessequa Tourism, Development Planning Building, Corner of President CR Swart Street and Heidelberg Way, Riversdale, 6670.

The tourism strategy can be downloaded below: