Hessequa Municipality hereby invites the submission of applications for financial and/or non-financial assistance for hosting a tourism related event/festival during the 2023/2024 financial year.

This call for proposals is aimed at providing funding to tourism events/festivals which require additional capital to establish and or to grow such an event/festival. The funding will be allocated in the form of a grant. 

Hessequa Municipality will provide financial- and non-financial support, based on the following criteria:  

  • The tourism event/festival must address the seasonality of the Hessequa region, with preference given to events/festivals taking place between March and October.
  • The event/festival must employ locals as part of the supporting staff and organizing members.
  • The tourism event/festival must support the hospitality sector and contribute to the increase in occupation of overnight accommodation establishments.
  • The tourism event/festival must promote the Hessequa Tourism brand, and the tourism logo must be featured in all the event/festival marketing material.  
  • The event organizer must be a registered entity e.g. Non-Profit Organisation, Affiliated Sport Club or Private Company.
  • The tourism event/festival must confirm the funding applied for, the funding the event organizer has towards the event/festival and any sponsorships or letters sent to request sponsorships. 
  • The tourism event/festival must be sustainable and hosted annually.
  • The tourism event application form and corresponding risk assessment form must be completed and submitted on time. 

NOTE: Incomplete submissions will be disqualified. 

Application forms are available on the Hessequa Tourism website: and the Hessequa Municipal website: As an alternative, contact the Senior Tourism and Development Officer, Mr. R Malan at  I  028-713 7953.

Applications must be placed in a sealed envelope with the heading “Tourism Event/Festival Application 2023/2024” and submitted at any Hessequa Municipal offices across the region. Alternatively, applications can be emailed to

The Hessequa Tourism Department encourages tourism events/festivals taking place between 21 July 2023 to 30 June 2024 to apply.

The closing date for submissions is Friday, 12 May 2023 at 12h00. Please note that late applications will not be considered. 

The event application forms can be downloaded below.