RIVERSDALE – The inaugural Hessequa Tourism 5.5KM Trail Run took place at the beautiful Werner Frehse Nature Reserve in Riversdale on Saturday, 08 January 2022. The route allowed participants to view the selection of Fynbos and fauna on offers, while also being many entrants first run for the New Year.

The route was by the Senior Tourism and Development Officer at Hessequa Municipality and contained very easy downhills and two challenging uphill trails of about 1km in total. The 1.5km of the route was easy downhill terrain which allowed for a refreshing finish.

The first male to cross the line was Mario van Schalkwyk from Riversdale (18:52), while the first female to cross the line was Annelize Heyns, also from Riversdale, in a time of 28:00.

In the junior category, the first female to cross the line was Keesha Michaels in s time of 41:56 while the first junior male to cross was Luciano Stuurman in a time of 20:00.

We also had the honour of having the young Emje Smith at only age 6, whom completed the race.

Runners from the communities of Riversdale, Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai, Albertinia and event a guest from the Netherlands all participated and completed the race.

Runners described the event as a refreshing initiative for Riversdale and the Hessequa region and looks forward to the next event (date to be confirmed).

After the event, Hessequa Tourism held a pop quiz (handing out gifts and vouchers) and also s prize giving ceremony for the winners of each of the four categories.

Participants received vouchers from Tuinplaas in Albertinia, wine and olive oil from Baleia Wines and gin from Inverroche.


  1. Mario van Schalkwyk 18:52 (men’s winner in open category)
  2. Maxi-Lee Pedro 19:40
  3. Luciano Stuurman (men’s U18 winner)
  4. Marvin Steenkamp 20:19
  5. Gerswin Fielies 20:40
  6. Danville Willemse 21:25
  7. Leon Adams 23:30
  8. Annelize Heyns (women’s winner in open category) 28:00
  9. Luan van Tonder 35:00
  10. Deon Stoffels 36:00
  11. George Isaacs 36:52
  12. Raymond Strydom 37:12
  13. Verona Pieterse 37:50
  14. Nicole Hein 39:09
  15. David Hartnick 40:15
  16. Gideon van Tonder 40:16
  17. Randall Michaels 41:36
  18. Keesha Michaels (women’s U18 winner) 41:56
  19. Antonique Jansen 42:24
  20. Deana van Tonder 42:39
  21. Melissa Smith 42:40
  22. Claire van Tonder 43:21
  23. Annalize Vries 45:40
  24. Hyme Kortje 46:18
  25. Madria Oosthuizen 48:05
  26. Deon Lewis-Michaels 57:44
  27. Molene Scheepers 01:07:07
  28. Alinda Waltson 01:08:26
  29. Johan Scheepers 01:08:57
  30. Hilda Howard 01:09:10
  31. John Howard 01:09:14
  32. Marco Michaels-Lewis 01:09:39
  33. Dorian Pick 01:09:59
  34. Michelle Strydom 01:11:00 (walker/run)
  35. Elje Smith 01:11:00 (youngest participant – walker/run)
  36. Emmie Jordaan 01:16:30 (walkers)
  37. Johanna Leivennink 01:16:30 (walkers)