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Statement of the Minister of Home Affairs regarding the reopening of borders and services during Alert Level 1:

All 18 land ports of entry will be opened with effect from 1 October 2020. The other 35 land ports of entry remain closed.

The Department of Home Affairs is extending the validity period of legally issued visas which expired during the lockdown period to 31 January 2021.

Holders of such visas are permitted to remain in the country under the conditions of their visas until 31 January 2021. Those wishing to be repatriated to their countries within this period can depart without being declared undesirable persons.

The Department is also resuming services for applications for identity cards or documents and for all types of passports.

Visa services, including submission of applications through VFS Global, will also resume in the following categories:
Visitor’s visas; study visa; treaty visa; business visa; crew visa; medical treatment visa; relative’s visa; general work visa; critical skills work visa; intra-company transfer work visa; retired person visa; corporate visa; exchange visa; waiver of prescribed requirement, as contemplated in section 31(2)(c); and appeals or reviews contemplated in section 8 of the Immigration Act.

Some of these services will also be available through our Missions abroad.

Any person from a country listed as having a high COVID-19 infection and transmission rate, who wish to undertake a business travel into South Africa, may with effect from 01 October 2020, in writing, apply to the Minister of Home Affairs and demonstrate reasons for their request to enter the Republic for business purposes during the period of the national state of disaster.

Such applications must be directed to email and supported by—
(a) a copy of passport and/or temporary residence visa;
(b) proof of business activities to be undertaken in the Republic;
(c) proof of travel itinerary; and
(d) proof of address or accommodation in the Republic.

We need to remind our people that the fact that we are at level 1 lockdown, does not mean that the Covid-19 pandemic is over. We still have to take precautions, and some of them, might be very hard decisions to make. But this will be done in such a way that it strikes a balance between saving lives and livelihoods.

In this regard, the opening of international travel will follow a Risk Adjusted Approach. Earlier today, a list of high risk countries was read at a Press Conference. Unfortunately this list was not exhaustive, and might also have included some countries by mistake. We are hereby releasing the whole updated list, and we heartily apologize for any confusion and any inconvenience caused by the earlier release:

Albania   Brazil   France   India
Argentina   Chile   Georgia   Iran
Armenia   Columbia   Greece Iraq
Austria   Costa Rica   Guatemala   Ireland
Bahrain   Croatia   Guyana   Israel
Belgium   Czech Republic   Honduras   Jamaica
Bolivia   Denmark   Hungary   Jordan
Bosnia  Herzegovina   Ecuador   Iceland   Kuwait
Lebanon   Nepal   Peru   Suriname
Luxemburg   Netherlands   Portugal   Switzerland
Maldives   North Macedonia   Puerto Rico   Ukraine
Malta   Oman   Qatar   United Emirates
Mexico   Palestine   Romania   United Kingdom
Moldova   Panama   Russia   USA
Montenegro   Paraguay   Slovakia   Venezuela

We need to emphasize once more that people who are not allowed from these high risk countries are leisure travellers only. Other categories of people from these countries, are allowed under special conditions, as appears in the Regulations and Directions. The list of these high risk countries will also be found on the Home Affairs website:

The above list will be reviewed every fortnight.

Siya Qoza, 082 898 1657‬ (spokesperson for the Minister of Home Affairs)‬
David Hlabane, 071 342 4284‬ (media manager for the Department of Home Affairs)‬‬[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]