HEIDELBERG – The Hessequa Harmonie is a musical festival, taking place 15-19 September 2020 in the beautiful town of Heidelberg, Western Cape. The festival is all about the arts – with classical music; performances; literature and painted art being the highlights of the event. This year, a limited amount of tickets has been availed for the festival.

The event – which was first hosted three years ago – organized with Niël Rademan, a well known personality in the entertainment world and Heidelberg. The festival includes well known artists and personalities such as Nina Schumann, Jacobi de Villiers, Theo Kemp, Elsabe Daneel, Elna van der Merwe, Corneil Muller and Chris Burgess.

Celebrate the arts by enjoying an art exhibition, poetry, classical music and a farmers breakfast – yes, this is what makes the Hessequa Harmonie one of the most popular events on the Hessequa calendar.

Dates: 15-19 September 2020
Time: Between 10h00 and 19h00
The Host: Niël Rademan

Tickets are available at Delish Restaurant ( and Die Rooi Pot in Heidelberg. Alternatively, you can buy tickets online from: www.candcoevents.com

A detailed programme can be viewed via the website: www.hessequaharmonie.co.za