MEDIA RELEASE: Consultations to provide comment/input into the Hessequa Tourism strategic plan

Every tourism product in the Explorers Garden Route has to get on board and contribute their input into the next phase of the Tourism Strategic Plan for the area.

“We need every tourism-related business, including tourism members, non- members, Airbnb’s, activities and attractions to attend the sessions between

the 27th and 30th of June 2017,’ says Elana Lotriet, Manager of Economic Development and Tourism at Hessequa Local Municipality. We need a team approach to this

next year as we promote the area as an Explorer’s paradise on the Garden Route.

The Explorers Garden Route will now enter its second budget phase and will focus on a team approach to provide authentic service and visit and do sales calls on tour operators

and travel media. Lotriet believes that the first phase has created the platform for a meaningful promotion to both operators and the public. “We need to feed back the research

from tour operators and change the way we present our tourism offerings.”

The workshops will be held as follows:

Date Time Town Venue
27 June 2017 10H00 – 13H00 Gouritsmond Gemeenskapsaal – Voortrekker Str. Gouritsmond
  14H00 – 17H00 Albertinia Civic Centre – 35 Vries Str. Albertinia
28 June 2017 10H00 – 13H00 Stilbaai Gemeenskapsaal (Sy saal) Hoofweg wes , Municipal Building Stilbaai
  14H00 – 17H00 Riversdale Civic Centre – 29 Van Den Berg Str. Riversdale
29 June 2017 10H00 – 13H00 Heidelberg Stadsaal, Van Niekerk Str. Municipal Building Heidelberg
  14H00 – 17H00 Slangrivier Gemeenskapsaal – 77 School Str. Slangrivier
30 June 2017 10H00 – 13H00 Witsand De Duine Gemeenskapsaal, Tuna Str. Witsand

*please note dates and times are subject to change and will be communicated.


Lotriet has appealed to everyone who gets revenue from tourists to make this one meeting a priority. “We need every town to become part of the team for our exciting initiatives

this year. We can each make a positive difference and ensure that all of our communities are impacted by the activities this year.” Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need

any further information,  Denver -028 713 7829