Vermaaklikheid – Day Trip


The village of Vermaaklikheid is a scenic 40km away from Riversdale via the R323. The majority of the road network is gravel road, best suited for a four-wheel-drive.

The road – starting in Riversdale – takes you on an authentic journey of personal reinvention and reconnecting – nature and conversations has a way of effortlessly healing the soul during a drive on a gravel road. The long gravel stretches offers a southing remedy to adventure seekers – en-route you will encounter a variety of Fynbos and a diversity of animals, which includes the spotting of Ostriches; Meerkat; Otter; Cattle; Sheep and birdlife including the birding species of Red Bishop; Steppe Buzzard; Yellow Bishop; Pied Avoced; Jackal Buzzard; Cape Bunting and Blue Crane Birds. As you get closer to the village, the route leads to a series of twist and turns until you reach your destination. Drive slowly and spot burial sites next to the road, buildings from a bygone era and views reminding you of the simpler things in life.

Vermaaklikheid offers you a “plattelandse” feeling with Cape Style Buildings, Duiwenhoks River and Puntjie – a place of bliss.

Few travellers have explored the village of Vermaaklikheid – making thus a nowhere on earth experience.


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Jun 17, 2020