Welcome to your coastal dream
The quaint little coastal village of Jongensfontein is what your dream beach holiday looks like. Forget about finding a camp spot here over the December holiday if you haven’t booked a year in advance, the award winning caravan park if one of the Garden Route’s best. Jokingly, this is where Stilbaai residents (the town to the east) say they come for holiday when it’s silly season in Stilbaai.

And ever since the 1916 subdivision of the farm around the spring, which can still be seen today, was this holiday territory. Back then 31 persons received property rights, and since 1920 some servitude holders started to build small mud and reed houses which were sometimes leased to other persons as holiday accommodation. Jongensfontein kept its charm every since then, with few shops and development to ruin its character. Mud houses made way for double story holiday and retirement homes that expanded towards the east, but the heart around the beach remains the same, with children playing in the sand and fish being caught from the rocks.

Here you happily lose track of time, carefree beach days fill you with the sound of the ocean constantly in your ear and crackle of an evening campfire lighting up the sky. Come trace back the start of Jongensfontein through the Fonteinehuisie museum next to the campsite, and then discover for yourself why this is such a sought after beach dream.

Quick facts

  • Holiday homes started to develop in 1920
  • Pilot status Blue Flag beach
  • Award winning campsite

Jongensfontein Info

  • Stilbaai Tourism
  • Telephone: +27 (0)28 754 2602


Police: +27 (0)28 722 1910
Ambulance: 10177
Doctor: +27 (0)28 722 2034

Not to miss

  • Jongensfontein Museum – Fonteinhuisie
  • Fishing
  • Meal and drinks at Drie Pikkewyne
  • Surfing
  • Blombos Road drive
  • Hike to Stilbaai
  • The Blue Flag beach!