Delish Deli

Great baked goods. A great stop for a meal as you transit along N2!

From the people who owned Michael’s Cafe and Deli now bring you Delish. They have moved to the country for a slower and more peaceful style of living and stumbled across an abandoned roadside gem begging for someone to take ownership and turn it into something.

Bringing you homemade goods such as Wood-fired artisanal bread and a variety of pies, jams and sauces there is always something new and interesting to try and buy.

For Breakfast we can offer you our Goldilocks and the Three Bears inspired breakfast menu ranging from Baby Bear, Mommy Bear, Daddy Bear and finally the additional Big Daddy. These are best enjoyed with a lovely cappuccino.

If you are passing through town you are welcome to come and sit outside on our shady deck and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee and some lunch. Or if you are in a hurry you can always just make it “To-Go”!

Being open in the evenings from Wednesday to Saturday and with our Sunday Lunch Specials we promise to offer you a good, value-for-money meal beautifully presented in a pleasant ambiance.


Delish Deli
Telephone: +27 (0)28 722 1850