Artist: Nadine Hansen


HESSEQUA ART: Stilbaai based Artist, Nadine Hansen, has been honing her painting skills since 2005. Her love of Neoclassical art and Naturalist art has been a great influence. Hansen creates self-portraits and still life paintings in oil paint on canvas and graphite on paper. She also paints botanical and scientific style illustrations in watercolors and is fluent in most classic art media. Over time she developed a need to grow more conceptually and started combining her love of nature and art making. Hansen’s Evolution into more conceptual portraiture led her to pursue another interest, since 2020 she has been working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Her current body of work draws from nature, psychology, poetry and social observation. Motivated by ongoing conservation issues – Hansen incorporates natural elements to her portraits, attempting to show human and nature in a relationship with one another. Her work has been described as delicate and close to nature. Nadine Hansen calmly and quietly examines the world around her, her paintings convey stories.

Visiting Hours: By appointment only


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Apr 15, 2021