Artist: Mariqi Erasmus


HESSEQUA ART: Mariqi Erasmus is a well-known, well-respected and vivacious South African Expressionist-Realistic artist. Her work features in boardrooms, homes and galleries worldwide. Mariqi is a self-taught artist with Masters in art all over the world as her tutors in different genres. Because of her hearing impairment, emotion, light, connection and movement between time and space is of utmost importance to her. “Tierce di Picardie” is her favourite term to describe the sensual, mysterious and misty effects that hover over her paintings and then embark in a serene light. To appreciate and love Mariqi’s paintings is to acknowledge her light and positive soul. Mariqi started to paint in 2004 and has been an art tutor since 2006. She has won many art competitions and features in The Collectors guide for South African Artists. She is also the founder of Mariqi’s Exquisite Style Collection, an exclusive textile- and clothing range featuring her designs. Mariqi is a public speaker and nutrition coach and always leaves her audience with a part of her positive, artistic soul: a message that will take them to a higher level as she had done with her book “Waarom varke nie perels dra nie”, a diary featuring some of  her paintings and motivational, humorous stories. Mariqi lives in Still Bay with her talented husband  and together they have found Art and Music to be the spice of their lives.

Tel: 082 754 7463
Visiting Hours: By appointment only


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Jul 22, 2021