The 250 ha Grootvadersbosch forest is situated in the Boosmansbos Wilderness Area in the southern foothills of the Langeberg. It is the Southwestern Cape’s largest indigenous forest and the region’s richest in terms of bird species diversity (196 spp. recorded). Sought-after endemic species can be found here together with a variety of traditionally eastern forest species.
With luck sightings may be obtained of bushbuck in the forest or cape Grysbok around the fringes. Signs of Leopard are occasionally found while Chacma Baboons and small mammals are common. After showers you may come across Plain Rain Frog (Breviceps fuscus) or Strawberry Rain Frog (Breviceps acutirostris) along the forest trails while certain boulder-strewn gorges are home to a subspecies of southern Ghost Frog (Heleophryne purcelli orientalis), which is endemic to Grootvadersbosch. giant earthworms, kite and orb spiders are common and a unique emperor butterfly is endemic to the forest. In addition to the birds and other wildlife, the beautiful forest trails and the attractive campsite provide for a great weekend get-away.