The town rests comfortably in the shade of Sleeping Beauty, a peak in the Langeberg Mountains where the dreamer can make out the silhouette of a slumbering maiden with long eyelashes brushing her cheeks and lips puckering prettily. With its abundance of indigenous Fynbos blanketing the surrounding mountain slopes and bright yellow canola fields stretching out on either side of the N2 during early spring, it’s no surprise that Riversdale has a reputation for being the floral paradise of the Garden Route.

Historical buildings, hearty cuisine, wine tasting and unique outdoor furniture provide a fascinating ramble around town. Additionally, the Langeberg Mountains offer a wealth of activities from hiking along fynbos trails to bird-watching and horse-riding. For those who enjoy a good adrenaline boost every once in a while, paragliding, hang gliding, abseiling alongside waterfalls and rock climbing are also popular options. Located just a few km outside of town, the Korentepoort Dam is a dreamy waterside spot, where you can spend long, lazy afternoons enjoying sunny picnics on the grass or head out into the water for boating, skiing and canoeing. Finally, Riversdale is also a popular spot among golfers, with the local course being one of the most picturesque in the Western Cape.

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Founded: 1838

Population: 16 176


Riversdale Tourism

Telephone:+27 (0)83 282 6260

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not to miss

  • Julius Gordon African Centre
  • Old Jail / Ou Tronk
  • Korentepoort Dam
  • Paddavlei Art & Cat’s Paw Pottery
  • Baleia Wines
  • Bali Trading
  • Thiart Woodwork Studio

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Police: +27 (0)28 713 8500

Ambulance: 10177

Doctor: +27 (0)28 713 2500

Fire: +27 (0)83 941 1653

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