The annual Hessequa Arrive Alive Campaign took place on Thursday, 15 December 2016, hosted by Hessequa Traffic and the Tourism Department. The importance for Tourism to be a part of the arrive alive campaign for Hessequa Municipality is to create road safety awareness first and foremost and to ensure that international and domestic tourists not only have a safe journey to their destination but a pleasant experience throughout. The tourism product is not just the destination but the little experiences in-between and a memorable one, which creates return visits and positive word of mouth. This initiative is seen as a marketing tool to showcase local tourism products and services to passing tourists in the hope that they become intrigued by what the Explorers’ Garden Route has to offer ……..and Oh….there is plenty of exploring in the Explorers’ Garden Route because exploring is an endless journey!
All sorts of goodies were included that are unique to Hessequa – biltong, rusks, aloe samples, discount vouchers and coupons – and this year even little indigenous trees by Grootvadersbosch Conservancy. A big thanks to all the tourism businesses who sent gifts to be included in the bags, to Deputy-Mayor Adwin Saayman and Speaker Andrew Stroebel for attending and helping us hand out the bags, and for the traffic department for organising the event and for keeping us safe on the roads this festive season.