Hessequa Tourism

Welcome to the official travel website of Hessequa Tourism, operated by Hessequa Municipality. The Explorer’s Garden Route is the brand used by the Local Economic Development and Tourism Department to promote and develop tourism in the region. We are mandated by national, provincial and local legislation to promote economic development and to create an enabling environment for economic growth and job creation. As such, the central role of the municipality is to work with communities in Hessequa to find sustainable ways to improve quality of life. While local economic development (LED) can be visualised as a bus, driving the people (the local community) aboard it towards social and economic growth, tourism can be seen as the engine powering the bus. Tourism is thus one of the initiatives undertaken by the local municipality (and mandated in its Integrated Development Plan – the IDP) in order to empower and grow the local communities of Hessequa in a responsible and sustainable manner.

But what is all this Explorer’s Garden Route stuff?

The Hessequa region of the Western Cape is being reawakened and revitalised. Treasures are being exposed and its taking its rightful position as a valued partner on South Africa’s famous Garden Route. And this is what the experience revolution does. It opens up a world of possibility and hope that will invigorate its tourism industry. Market segments are identified who want to create lifelong memories and they are invited to explore the rich array of authentic and personal experiences available in the area. The campaign allows for meaningful partnership to build between tourism stakeholders and lends to the creation and packaging of world-class tourism offers that set a standard creating experiences in South Africa.



Explorer’s Garden Route is for visitors who live their passions. We appreciate that our visitors don’t want to do the passive things that the crowds follow and we gear ourselves to share our passions and create lifelong memories.


We are moving the experience of tourism activities up a level.
We believe that passive spectators will never realise their travel dreams and we focus on creating active participation.


We believe that one size does not fit all.
The experiences found on the Explorer’s Garden Route are authentic and are weaved around the visitor’s needs.


We love to watch our visitors rejuvenate themselves in the special spaces and states-of-mind that Explorer’s Garden Route provides. Nature and conservations have a way of effortlessly healing the soul and lifting the spirit.


We help our visitors to find their ‘sweet-spot’, allowing them to experience a sense of exhilaration and enjoyment. This establishes itself in the memory of our guests as what life could be like.


We create conditions in which spontaneity can flourish. We encourage our visitors to go beyond the limits of their normal lives, to slow down, to try something new, to share meaningful moments and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


Our stories and experiences leave our visitors feeling wow and we create many opportunities for them to share these with their family and friends. There are many spontaneous experience moments that can be captured and live on once they return home.


  • Off-the-beaten-path exploring away from the obvious crowds
  • All year-round experiences and memories
  • Unspoilt nature and traditional hospitality
  • An authentic and unique array of personal experiences
  • Spaces where the magic of personal re-invigoration occurs
  • A passion for creating ‘wow’ moments by locals
  • A sense of exhilaration and enjoying life’s pleasures
  • Great value for money
  • Deep and meaningful conversations with locals
  • Hands-on, not passive activities